Published: April 22, 2021

undulate-: is a fitting title for it’s all about rhythm and movement.

Lush and maximalist, Undulate is a fresh take on the disco-influenced, synth-laden euphoria of Bézier’s world.

Undulate comes on the heels of Continuum, his last EP for miv, and too is a force of contagious melody.

The first three tracks on Undulate, “Oscilloscope,” “Stroboscope” and “Periscope”, are sonically and conceptually enmeshed and work together to achieve a dynamic scope.

“Oscilloscope” opens the EP with brazen techno punctuated by chewy acid, claps, and a dark synth lead.

“Stroboscope” feels like a cousin to “Oscilloscope” — they belong to the same family, but have slightly different temperaments.

In both, gripping rhythms and synth compel the body to move, but “Stroboscope” is more cosmic and drenched in retro-futurist sentiments.

Its defining characteristic is its unapologetic, vibrant synth melody, which screams like a firecracker aimed towards the stratosphere.

Alternatively, “Periscope” signals a departure and sounds like its name: it momentarily sticks its head out from the depths to look around.

The 48 second track acts as a brief respite, or a moment of air, before the EP dives back into the rolling waves again.

Bézier closes with the title track, “Undulate”, a seven minute revelation, whose lush melody brings to mind neon sunsets and the best of 80’s synthwave.

What Bézier achieves in his productions is difficult to pull off: a moody universe that allows for hyper-catchy groove.

Ultra danceable from start to finish, Undulate holds the body tight and doesn’t let go.

Which, when we are all ready to meet again, will be welcomed on the floor.

Words by: Taylor Bratches

miv. is a new label by the artist: Bézier aka Robert Yang.

miv. is short for mémoire involontaire.

miv. is romantic, nighttime music.

Illustrations by Benedikt Rugar. Visual identity and website by Diego Scaro.